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Aluminum / Aluminium and its alloys are important in structures, such as building facades (curtain walls) and window & door frames. Aluminum is nonmagnetic and does not easily ignite. Aluminum is Corrosion resistant. Aluminum is 100% recyclable. Our Yankee Aluminum curtain walls are non-structural and are made of aluminum, reducing construction costs. Our curtain walls are designed to resist air and water infiltration & are designed with extruded aluminum members. The aluminum frame is typically infilled with glass, which provides an architecturally pleasing building . Fenestration (architecture), refers to the design, construction, or presence of openings in a building. Our Building Fenestration includes windows, doors, wall panels, storefronts, curtain walls, and slope glazed systems. Curtain walls differ from store-front systems in that they are designed to span multiple floors.

Aluminum Curtain Wall 6025: Thermally improved, pressure glazed aluminum curtain wall system with 2-1/2" sight line and 6" mullion depth. It is compatible with ES 9000, ES21 and ES-35 swing doors.

Aluminum Curtain Wall 7525: Impact and blast resistant thermally improved, pressure glazed aluminum curtain wall system with 2 1/2" sight line and 7 1/2" mullion depth. It is compatible with ES 9000 impact door.

Aluminum Curtain Wall UN625: Unitized thermally 6" broken aluminum curtain wall, designed to meet the performance and aesthetic requirements for a wide range of applications. The Insulbar polyamide struts, besides its excellent thermal performance, allow dual finish design flexibility.

Aluminum Curtain Wall 7530: Unitized aluminum Curtain wall is a practical design that can accommodate to multiple conditions and saves installation time at the job site. This curtain wall is thermally isolated with a system of superior performance and structural strength, Insulbar, which besides its excellent thermal performance allows dual finish design flexibility.

northern westerchester hostpital window curtain
Northern Westchester Hospital, Mt. Kisco NY

curtain wall side
Potamkin Cadillac, New York City

Belleville NJ
Belleville, NJ

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